Eurowings top product BEST now available from EUR 99.99

Top product BEST now available from EUR 99.99 / More legroom, unoccupied middle seat, fast lane, lounge access and free choice from the catering range

 Eurowings’ top product, the BEST rate, can now be booked from as little as EUR 99.99. For this, passengers can not only sit right at the front of the German airline’s aircraft but they can also enjoy a whole host of other amenities, such as more legroom and the guarantee of an unoccupied middle seat next to them. Eurowings is offering the first three rows of seats on board the Airbus fleet with some very special comfort features on all German domestic flights and a large number of European routes with a high proportion of business travellers. The price for BEST seats previously started at EUR 149. Also new is that the BEST price is based largely on prices in the BASIC rate. This means that passengers can enjoy all the comfort and convenience of the BEST product for a surcharge of only EUR 70 per route.

By making this price adjustment on the Internet, Eurowings hopes to convince even more customers of the benefits of this offer which is unique among low-cost carriers.

Eurowings passengers opting for the BEST rate can book more legroom in rows one to three throughout the airline’s Airbus fleet. In addition to a guaranteed unoccupied middle seat, they also have access to the frequent flyer lounges (where available at the departure airport) and are credited with an increased number of air miles. Elements such as twice the luggage allowance, two items of hand luggage, priority check-in, priority boarding and use of the security fast lane are simply a matter of course for BEST customers. On board there’s a reserved overhead luggage compartment and free choice from the complete catering range. Flights at the BEST rate can be rebooked free of charge and for a small surcharge there’s also a bookable cancellation option.

29 September 2016


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