Eurowings flying for peace between Serbia and Kosovo

Source: Lufthansa News

Today, in the US embassy at Berlin, a letter of intent to initiate flights between Belgrade and Pristina was signed by representatives of Kosovo and Serbia and by the Lufthansa Group.

A direct air link between the two countries has not existed for twenty years, after a conflict in the region escalated, which eventually led to Kosovo declaring independence from Belgrade in 2008.

Eurowings will connect the two cities distant of only 250 km. The flights would last barely 50 minutes. Necessary details will need to be clarified in the coming weeks.

Currently, Belgrade and Pristina are linked by bus and train services, although the rail journey through North Macedonia lasts more than 12 hours, and buses take more than six hours to complete the trip.

Eurowings CCO Michael Knitter comments: “Air transport stands for bringing people of different origins together peacefully. By establishing an air link, Kosovo and Serbia are taking a step towards rapprochement at the initiative of the US. We are pleased to accompany this process.

André Orban: M. Sc. Engineering
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