Eurowings flight attendants announce strikes/ Amended flight schedule to be published at


The flight attendants’ union Ufo has announced that its members among the Eurowings flight attendants in Düsseldorf and Hamburg as well at its members at Germanwings intend to strike on Thursday, 27 October from 00.00 to 24.00. As a result of the strikes announced, there will be virtually no domestic flights tomorrow. It will also be necessary to cancel or delay flights within Europe. Eurowings is working on an amended flight schedule for the period concerned. A substitute flight schedule with the isolated flights that will take place and the long-haul flights not affected by the strike will be published on the Eurowings website during the course of the evening.

Customers whose flights are affected by the strike action can cancel or rebook their flights free of charge. In this case, Eurowings will also provide vouchers enabling customers travel by rail instead.

Passengers who have provided relevant contact details will be notified about any changes via text message or e-mail. Passengers who have booked flights via, can also add and store their personal contact data subsequently in the “My Eurowings” section.

Eurowings regrets any inconvenience caused to passengers by the industrial action.

Cologne/Bonn, 26.10.2016


Eurowings offers arbitration of all unresolved collective wage agreement issues/ Seven percent pay increase, profit-sharing, setting up of a provident fund: Airline appeals to responsibility of Ufo trade union.

Despite in-depth talks on Wednesday, Eurowings and the flight attendants’ union Ufo have been unable to reach agreement on a solution to the collective wage conflict. Not only has the airline’s management offered all flight attendants of Eurowings Germany substantial pay increases, it has also offered Ufo arbitration of all unresolved issues surrounding the collective wage agreement issues at Eurowings.

The complete offer to the flight attendants equates overall to an average seven percent pay increase over a period of three years and three months – with the addition of variable remuneration. The key content of the offer to Eurowings flight attendants is as follows:

Introduction of a new purser structure in the cabin of Eurowings Germany, as requested by the employee group.

– Pay increases: With the introduction of a purser structure, the pay of Chief Pursers should gradually, over the next three years, come into line with that of purser colleagues at its sister company Germanwings. Flight attendants will also receive substantial pay increases in the process.

– Additional variable remuneration: Eurowings is offering additional variable remuneration which will give flight attendants a direct share in the success of the growing Eurowings company. The number of flight attendants in the flight operations of Eurowings Germany will more than double within a short space of time from 270 to 550 due to the addition of new Airbus A320 aircraft to the fleet.

– Setting up of a provident fund: Eurowings will participate in the setting up of a provident fund which will be jointly financed by employer and employees.

Joerg Beissel, Managing Director HR at Eurowings, said,

By offering this whole package of improvements and significant pay increases, we are approaching the limits of what is feasible and justifiable in an economically difficult environment. While other airlines are talking about downsizing, we’re talking about growth and pay increases in difficult market conditions. Given this situation, we are appealing to the responsibility of Ufo to return to the negotiating table and not to fight resolvable pay battles at our customers’ expense.

Eurowings Germany

Eurowings Germany is one of several Eurowings’ airline companies. With 23 aircraft at its locations in Düsseldorf and Hamburg (DUS 17, HAM 6), the airline provides low-cost direct flights on domestic and European routes. It is the intention of the Lufthansa Group to build up and expand Eurowings (currently 92 aircraft) into a leading European provider of affordable direct flights in the coming years.