Eurowings and Deutsche Telekom provide 10 minutes of free surfing above the clouds


  • Telekom uniquely sponsors ten minutes of free Internet for every passenger on Eurowings short- and medium-haul European routes
  • Go online with “WINGS Connect” for high-speed Internet during the flight
  • Internet connection a crucial factor for flight choice

Comfortably surf the Internet above the clouds completely free of charge with Eurowings and Deutsche Telekom. Eurowings Internet service provider Deutsche Telekom is sponsoring the first ten minutes of your in-flight high-speed Internet. It has been possible for Eurowings passengers to go online with “WINGS Connect” and use communication and streaming services during the flight since February of this year. In cooperation with British satellite provider Inmarsat, Deutsche Telekom and Eurowings can now offer passengers in-flight Internet based on the latest broadband satellite technology. Eurowings has gradually equipped a total of 72 Airbus A319 and Airbus A320 aircraft with the appropriate technology, allowing passengers to enjoy chilled out surfing in the air and ensuring that their trip with Eurowings is particularly entertaining.

Choice between three different packages

Once on board, Eurowings passengers can choose between three attractive Internet packages which are individually tailored to their communication needs and can be booked quickly and conveniently via the “WINGS Connect” portal. “Connect S” enables messaging and e-mail services for EUR 3.90 per flight, “Connect M” allows convenient surfing including films and series from the “WINGS Entertainment” range for EUR 6.90 per flight and the “Connect L” rate additionally provides passengers with the ability to stream videos and music for EUR 11.90 per flight. Eurowings customers can also use the “WINGS Connect” portal to obtain up-to-date flight information, facts about their travel destination and interesting partner offers.

Establishing an in-flight WLAN connection

To surf online while on board a Eurowings aircraft, Eurowings passengers connect via their own devices, such as a tablet, smartphone or laptop, by first using a WiFi hotspot to open their browser and navigate to the “WINGS Connect” portal. The in-flight connection is easy and intuitive as the Internet login portal is operated via the Deutsche Telekom WiFi platform and can be accessed by all passengers on board. With WiFi roaming enabled, it’s also possible for them to use the service simply and easily via other telecom providers based on their respective personal WiFi access data.

Internet connection a crucial factor for flight choice

Current surveys conducted internationally demonstrate that around 60 percent of all travellers now consider a fast in-flight Internet connection not so much a luxury but more a necessity, as shown for example in a 2018 study conducted by Inmarsat. 80 percent of the 9,500 people surveyed said they would use the Internet onboard their next flight, and among those aged 18-30 this figure was actually as high as 91 percent. According to a study by the management consultancy Roland Berger, the availability of in-flight Internet is already the third most important criterion when choosing a flight. So, with this offering, Eurowings is responding specifically to its customers’ wishes along the entire customer journey.

Cologne/Bonn, 16 October 2018



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