Breakthrough in Eurowings collective labour agreement in Austria

  • Collective agreement finalised for the onboard employees of Eurowings Europe in Austria
  • Up to 20 percent increase in basic salary and a comprehensive package of additional benefits for cockpit and cabin employees
  • Eurowings Managing Director and Head of Human Resources Frank Bauer: “With these compensation and employment conditions, we are one of the most attractive employers at the Vienna location.
  • Close cooperation with the social partners: within Eurowings Group, a total of 13 collective agreements have been finalised with four unions in just one year.

Eurowings Europe, the chamber of commerce and the union Vida have finalised a collective labour agreement for the onboard employees of Eurowings Europe in Austria. The collective agreement will apply retroactively as of 1 March 2018.

In addition to a comprehensive package of additional benefits, the collective agreement has provisions for an increase in basic salary of up to 20 percent. Additional variable earnings of up to 25 percent of the basic salary are possible depending on output. Furthermore, pay-scale adjustments to the basic salary of two percent each have already been agreed upon for 2020 and 2021. For new hires in cockpit and cabin, professional experience that captains, first officers and pursers have gained with other airlines will be recognized.

With these new compensation and employment conditions for pilots and flight attendants, we are one of the most attractive employers at the Vienna location,” says Frank Bauer, Managing Director and Head of Human Resources at Eurowings Group.

The collective agreement is also a clear signal to those who are looking for a new employer within the aviation sector. “We look forward to every application we receive for a cockpit or cabin position at Eurowings,” says Bauer. “We were already an attractive employer in Austria and have become even more so with this collective agreement. I would like to thank our team for this: Eurowings Europe’s Managing Directors Robert Jahn and Dieter Watzak-Helmer and Eurowings’ chief negotiator Benedikt Schneider.”

Robert Jahn and Benedikt Schneider emphasize that the provisions in the collective agreement reflect the high sense of social responsibility that Eurowings Europe has towards its employees. “Hammering out a future-oriented contract was our most important task over the past months – all negotiating parties have every reason to be proud of the result.

Eurowings Europe also offers additional benefits in the context of the collective agreement: “This includes, among other things, a mobility package and comprehensive coverage for employees in case they become unfit to fly – this will secure a better quality of life for our crews,” says Dieter Watzak-Helmer.

The newly negotiated collective agreement also contains parameters for promotion within the company and creates transparent regulations for the various career options. Robert Jahn: “Comprehensive provisions for part-time work are also included in the contract.”

Counting the collective agreement for Austria, Eurowings Group has finalized 13 collective agreements with four unions in just one year. Eurowings Group Managing Director Frank Bauer: “This demonstrates the intention of management to ensure attractive and reliable working conditions for the company’s employees in cooperation with the relevant social partners.”

COLOGNE/BONN, VIENNA – 1 October 2018


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