[Coronavirus] Lufthansa announces drastic flight cancellations (up to 25%) and reduced working hours


Lufthansa could reduce the number of short- and medium-haul flights by up to 25% due to the coronavirus uncertainties. There are also further cancellations on the Lufthansa Group’s long-haul routes. The airline is now planning reduced working hours.

Lufthansa plans to further reduce flight capacities due to the coronavirus impact on global flight demand. “The number of flights on short- and medium-haul routes could be reduced by up to 25%, depending on the further development of the spread of the coronavirus,” the airline said on Friday.

The Lufthansa Group airlines would also further reduce their long-haul programme. Instead of the previously announced 13 grounded aircraft, up to 23 long-haul aircraft would now remain on the ground, depending on the further developments in the spread of the coronavirus in the coming weeks.

The Lufthansa Group is also examining the possibility of reduced working hours in various areas.

The impact of the current developments on earnings cannot yet be estimated. Lufthansa shares lost 21% at the Frankfurt stock exchange this week.

Other airlines are cutting European flights as well. Wizz Air announced yesterday that it was cutting its capacity to Italy by 60%. easyJet also reduces frequencies on some routes and cancelled 500 flights, mainly to Italy, due to the coronavirus situation. IAG, the owner of British Airways and Iberia, has also cancelled flights to Milan and will reduce its services to the country in the coming days. Air France is implementing a “slight adaptation of its programme” with certain flights to Milan, Bologna and Venice “grouped” this weekend, but “no decision is made beyond“. Brussels Airlines will cut flights to Milan, Rome, Venice and Bologna by 30% for the next two weeks.



  1. The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) today urged travelers not to fly Lufthansa German Airlines because it discriminates against the Jewish State of Israel and travelers to Israel. According to Lufthansa’s website, Economy Class travelers are permitted one free bag of up to 23 kg. But Lufthansa has a special baggage allowance policy for Economy Class travelers, which allows two bags (each weighing up to 23 kg), free of charge, on several routes including “between the United States, Canada, Mexico and Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.” Conspicuously excluded from this more generous baggage policy is Israel.

  2. Are you for real? What about other destinations where LH fly? I don’t know what is wrong with you jews but blaiming a company that it has a different offers for diffrent destinations and victimizing entire nation: “poor Israeli, others have better offer, how dare they” is simply lame and a reason why many dislike you. Posts like this one only justifies stereotypes that are still alive thanks to exactly this type of behaviour.

  3. All named countries also don’t participate in Eurovision and Euro sports events unlike Israel. I guess this makes Israel conspicuously included with rest of European countries. Or maybe you would rather be excluded only when it benefits your pockets, like always.


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