An unexpected stop for OO-DWD on her last day of work


Today OO-DWD – Brussels Airlines’ last AVRO jet – is on her last day of work. This morning the “jumbolino” took off from Brussels Airport to Geneva.

After arrival in Geneva, the aircraft operates a charter flight for SWISS to Palma de Mallorca (up and down Geneva) before returning to Brussels at 18:00 (UTC+2). But a small aircraft that landed at Geneva burned its tyres and is currently blocking the runway at Geneva Airport. Thus the Swiss flight operated by the Brussels Airlines Avro has diverted to Lyon.

© André Orban

Smoke seen from the small aircraft after landing. (photo: Alexandre Privat)

Update 1: at 16:10 (UTC+2) the small Estonian aircraft registered ES-PHP has been removed from the runway, OO-DWD will now head to Geneva for an on-time departure to Brussels Airport.

Update 2: OO-DWD has received an air traffic control restriction and will leave Lyon at 18:15 (UTC+2)

Update 3: the Avro captain could secure an earlier slot. The flight to Brussels was only 20 minutes late. The flight will be reported in another article.



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