This February 14, love will be up in the air with Brussels Airlines


This February 14, love will be up in the air

This Valentine’s Day, Brussels Airlines surprises its guests with a very special gift. Together with Ghent Floralies, the airline offers all passengers who depart or arrive at Brussels Airport a bouquet of flowers. But not one you would expect. It is a bouquet that you grow yourself, in the form of a postcard.

That day, at least 25.000 people will receive a one-of-a-kind postcard on board their flight. Made from handmade paper, the card is composed of recycled fibers with wildflower seeds. This card can be planted in a pot, flower box, garden and will eventually flower as soon as it received water and …loads of love.

The postcard contains a mixture of wildflower seeds: dwarf Godetia, lemon mint, maiden pink, forget-me-nots, campion, English daisy, sweet alyssum, Snapdragon, poppy and black-eyed Susan.

The Ghent Floralies only takes place every 4 years of which the year 2016 will mark a return “to the city”. For that occasion, 4 single sites – the site Bijloke, the Leopold barracks, the Saint-Peter’s Square and the Citadel Park will become the setting for a lively floral and horticultural festival for 10 days which will mainly focus on the magical world of flowers and plants, floral art and inspirational gardens.


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