The Belgian aviation sector has already received € 75 million state aid


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, the Federal Holding and Investment Company (known under its acronym SFPI-FPIM in the two national languages), the financial arm of the Belgian federal government, has already granted € 75 million in support to the companies in its portfolio. Most of this aid has benefited the aviation sector, wrote Belgian financial newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo on Saturday.

After the pandemic broke out, the federal government asked SFPI-FPIM to take initiatives to strengthen businesses active in essential sectors (such as aviation) and keep the Belgian economic fabric in working order as much as possible.

Since the start of the crisis, SFPI-FPIM has already invested 75 million euros in the companies in its portfolio, explains its CEO Koen Van Loo. These are mainly aeronautical companies: Sonaca, Asco, Air Belgium, Sabena Aerospace.

SFPI-FPIM is also involved in the state aid dossier for Brussels Airlines.

Given the context, new investments are now frozen, “even if we can mobilise up to 50 million euros for new dossiers related to the coronavirus“, continues Koen Van Loo.


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