No agreement yet between Lufthansa and the Belgian government on state aid to Brussels Airlines


There is still no agreement between the Belgian federal government and Lufthansa on state aid to Brussels Airlines. There will be further talks in the coming days.

Carsten Sporh, CEO Lufthansa Group

The meeting between the federal government and the CEO of Lufthansa organised this Friday gave place to a “beginning of rapprochement” between the points of view, according to a joint press release.

The CEO of the German group Carsten Spohr and Thorsten Dirks, co-chairman of Brussels Airlines, arrived at the headquarters of the federal government at the end of the morning. They flew from Munich on Lufthansa Training’s Cessna Citation 525 registered D-ILHC on flight LH9990, to discuss the future of the Belgian company with Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès, accompanied by Ministers De Croo (Finance) and Muylle (Economy).

The federal government has conditioned an intervention by the Belgian state – which would amount to at least € 290 million, while Lufthansa is asking for 390 million – to guarantees that must be given for “profitable, environmentally responsible, growth that offers job prospects“.

Both the Lufthansa Group and the Belgian State recognise the importance of Brussels Airlines as an economic hub offering extensive connectivity, and the importance of an ambitious growth plan that focuses on the African and North American continent.”

However, no agreement has yet been reached during the meeting this morning between the Belgian government and the management of Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa Group. There will be further talks in the coming days.

The agreement to be reached between the social partners and Brussels Airlines needs also to be considered. The company wants to cut around 1000 jobs and has also launched a series of cost-saving proposals for the staff that will remain on board.





Source: Belga