Nearly 28 hours delay for a Brussels Airlines flight from Djerba


Some 180 passengers of a Brussels Airlines flight had to spend an extra night on the island of Djerba in Tunisia due to a technical problem on the aircraft, the Airbus A320 registered OO-SNB (with the Tintin livery).

Flight SN3886 from Djerba to Brussels was scheduled on Friday, 20 September, at 08:45, with arrival in Brussels at 12:50. The flight was cancelled after the crew discovered a computer problem in the cockpit. Passengers were transferred to a hotel and got meal vouchers.

Travellers eventually took off this Saturday noon (flight number changed to SN1998) and arrived at 16:40 at Brussels Airport, 28 hours late, with the same aircraft that had been repaired in the meantime.

We had to replace a computer that controlled the screens in the cockpit,” said Brussels Airlines spokeswoman Wencke Lemmes. “We urge our passengers to accept our apologies, but security is the main priority,” the spokeswoman added.


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