National strike on 13 February in Belgium: Brussels Airlines cancels entire flight programme (except for some long-haul flights)


Belgian trade unions have called a national strike on 13 February after disagreement on a framework wage agreement for the next two years. The Christian, socialist and liberal unions are unhappy with the decision by the Central Council for Business to limit wage increases to a mere 0.8% in addition to the automatic index rise to compensate for inflation.

Yesterday, the airline already cancelled 150 flights out of a total of 222 flights originally planned for February 13th. Today, Brussels Airlines has decided to cancel all remaining flights. However, all Brussels Airlines operated flights departing from the African and North-American continent on February 13th, with a scheduled arrival at Brussels Airport on Thursday, February 14th, will be operated (read more below).

Based on additional information recently received about the likely scale of the national strike on February 13th, we now consider it very probable that operations at Brussels Airport will be severely impacted due to industrial action of various airport stakeholders. It has therefore decided to cancel the remaining 72 flights originally planned that same day and herewith cancels its entire program of 222 flights,” Brussels Airlines spokeswoman Maaike Andries explains, “the travel plans of more than 16,000 passengers are impacted. This will allow our guests to adapt their travel plans well in advance and hence minimize the level of disruption and discomfort generated by the national strike for them as much as possible.”

The airline offers in advance alternative travel solutions. Passengers with a cancelled flight who don’t wish to travel anymore, can request a full refund of their ticket.

The following flights will operate on Wednesday 13 February 2019

SN1278 Lomé – Accra
SN1278 Accra – Brussels
SN1482 Toronto – Brussels
SN1465 Kigali – Entebbe
SN1465 Entebbe – Brussels
SN1202 Dakar – Brussels
SN1300 Cotonou – Abidjan
SN1300 Abidjan – Brussels
SN1224 Conakry – Banjul
SN1224 Banjul – Brussels
SN1372 Yaoundé – Douala
SN1372 Douala – Brussels

For rebookings, the airline kindly asks its guests to contact their travel agency or Brussels Airlines via:

  • the Brussels Airlines Service Center under +32 2 723 23 62
  • Facebook or Twitter

Refunds can be requested online on or via the passengers’ travel agency.

Brussels Airlines apologises for the inconveniences that are caused by external factors entirely beyond its control.

National strike on 13 February (Belgium): serious impact on air traffic


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