[Live updates] SN Airholding Board meeting in Frankfurt: Christina Förster replaces Bernard Gustin at the helm of Brussels Airlines

© Bram Botterman

20:00 Brussels Airlines Chairman Viscount Etienne Davignon reassures that there will be no social bloodbath. Brussels Airlines will continue with its hybrid model (comfortable long-haul and mixed configuration short-haul) without merging into Eurowings. Belgian Thibault Dumoulin becomes Chief Operating Officer, a function carried out previously by CEO Bernard Gustin himself.

19:00 A new extraordinary works council will take place on Wednesday when the CEO of Eurowings Thorsten Dirks will come to Brussels to explain the joint Eurowings/Brussels Airlines strategy

18:00 The strategy of Brussels Airlines within the Lufthansa Group and its point-to-point subsidiary must still be defined.

17:30 Christina Foerster is the new CEO from 1 April 2018. She is the current Chief Commercial Officer, coming from Lufthansa on 1 October 2016. She was hired by Lufthansa in 2002.

17:19 Brussels Airlines CEO Bernard Gustin and CFO Jan De Raeymaeker are fired by Lufthansa! Their contract will be terminated at the end of March.

17:00 Extraordinary works council at Brussels Airlines.

13:00 The meeting of the Board of Directors of SN Air Holding in Frankfurt has started. In addition to the integration of Brussels Airlines into Eurowings, there is another and important item on the agenda: a management change.

12:59 cartoon by lectrr

12:55 A forum topic about the developments can be read here.

12:40 An extraordinary works council has been scheduled at Brussels Airlines at 17:00.


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