Lightning strike on Brussels Airlines Airbus A330; flight heads back to Brussels


On 7 March, a Brussels Airlines Airbus A330 (OO-SFG) operating flight SN289 between Brussels Airport and Accra, Ghana was forced to head back to Brussels.

During climb-out, the aircraft got hit by a lightning strike,” spokeswoman Kim Daenen explains to, “as the necessary maintenance checks after a lightning strike require a few hours, we have decided to head back to our base.

We hope to leave again to Ghana as soon as possible, but that depends on various factors, such as the length of the maintenance check and the duty and rest times of the crew,” Kim Daenen added.

As a precaution, emergency services awaited the aircraft.

Update: at 15:40, the aircraft took off again, destination Accra.

© UJspotting (Twitter @UJspotting)
© UJspotting (Twitter @UJspotting)
© UJspotting (Twitter @UJspotting)



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