Investigation on serious allegations of “harassment and intimidation” among Brussels Airlines cabin crew


On the website of La Libre Belgique, Raphaël Meulders today reports that Brussels Airlines cabin crew members (especially the younger recruits) claim to be victims of harassment, intimidation or inappropriate behaviour from their supervisors.

Bert Van Rompaey, Director of Human Resources wrote in a memo to all staff that “the allegations are of such a serious nature that a thorough and neutral investigation is necessary.”

Brussels Airlines thus called on a special investigation team from Lufthansa to carry out a neutral investigation without any influence from Brussels Airlines or its employees.

Meanwhile, a number of employees will be temporarily suspended from their duties until the conclusions of the investigation are known. This should however not be considered as a punitive measure.


Another grievance was divulged by the unions later in the day: that of a “cronyism” on different levels, both in the recruitment of staff, but also in the flight schedules. Some people are clearly privileged by receiving the most profitable flights in terms of financial rewards, while being with the colleagues of their choice. When the Covid-19 crisis limits the possibilities of flying, this cronyism has a disastrous effect on the income of most of the flight attendants who do not benefit from the system.

According to the ACV/CNE trade union which denounced the harassment and intimidation, this crony system has existed for years.


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