Greenpeace could take legal action against state aid granted to Brussels Airlines


Greenpeace ‘does not exclude‘ taking legal action to challenge the aid granted by Belgium to Brussels Airlines, in a similar way the NGO has challenged in the Netherlands the government’s aid given to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, reports La Libre Belgique on Thursday.

Greenpeace has initiated summary proceedings in the Netherlands to force the Dutch government to end financial aid to the airline KLM because of insufficient ’environmental conditions’.

In Belgium, ‘the case is being studied and it is not impossible that we will follow the Dutch example’, explains Greenpeace. Concretely, the NGO could soon take legal action against the loan of 290 million euros granted by the Belgian government to Brussels Airlines to deal with the Covid-19 crisis. Belgium has not put environmental conditions on this aid, unlike Austria or France for example.

Greenpeace Belgium : No billion euros bailout for airlines without conditions


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