Green light for restructuring with voluntary departures at Brussels Airlines


The management of Brussels Airlines and two of the three unions approved on Monday a preliminary agreement on the voluntary departure of ground personnel. This has been confirmed by the airline’s management, as the Belga news agency reported.

The Christian trade union does not support the agreement as expected. The voluntary departure of the personnel concerned is part of the “Reboot” plan. According to this plan, Brussels Airlines should change into a smaller but profitable airline in the coming years. The goal is to achieve a profit margin of at least eight percent by 2022. Among other things, this should be achieved through cost savings of around 160 million euros per year.

The agreement that has now been concluded lays down the procedures for the departure of the personnel concerned. For example, they should generally receive 40 to 55 percent more than legally required. In addition, the staff should be accompanied intensively in the search for a new job and receive compensation during a transition phase if they should earn less in the new job.


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