Brussels Airlines forced to cancel four flights on Sunday

© Ivan Coninx

This Sunday, Brussels Airlines was forced to cancel four flights, due to incidents with two of their aircraft. All the passengers concerned were able to leave to their destination on other flights, the airline confirmed to TV channel VTM and to press agency Belga.

On Friday, a Brussels Airlines Airbus A320 (OO-SND) couldn’t leave from Tenerife, because a tire got damaged by debris on the tarmac. These passengers couldn’t take a flight back to Belgium before Sunday morning. They were accommodated in local hotels for two nights.

On Saturday, another Airbus A320 (OO-SNA) with destination Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) returned to Brussels Airport after a bird strike on take-off. The flight was eventually operated Sunday morning.

Both incidents forced the airline to cancel four flights on Sunday, to different destinations. No other cancellations are foreseen for tomorrow.


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