Brussels Airlines flight to Moscow DME returns to base after indication of low pressure on one of the hydraulic pumps


Brussels Airlines flight SN2835 from Brussels to Moscow Domodedovo today received an indication of low pressure on one of the hydraulic pumps, while flying above Germany.

The pilots decided to make a u-turn back to Brussels Airport where 1 hour later replacement aircraft OO-SSX brought the passengers to Moscow, Kim Daenen confirmed this evening.

Later OO-SSW was back in the air with an evening flight to and from Berlin Tegel.

Note from editor:

There are three hydraulic systems on the A320 family, named Green, Blue and Yellow.

Each has its own unique “users”, the main overlap, is that the flight controls are powered by each system, and in the event that only one hydraulic system remains, it can maintain full control of the aircraft.

Green is powered by a left engine driven pump.

Yellow is powered by a right engine driven pump, with an electric pump backup.

Blue is powered by an electric pump, with a RAT (Ram Air Turbine) backup.

In addition, there is a PTU (power transfer unit) in which Green or Yellow can power each other, if there is a difference between the two systems by more than 500psi.


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