Brussels Airlines faces challenges with new uniform rollout


Brussels Airlines’ much-anticipated introduction of its new uniforms has hit a snag, with the airline facing mounting challenges and criticisms over its handling of the rollout. Originally slated for March 1, the debut has been postponed multiple times, casting doubt on whether the mid-May deadline will be met.

The unveiling event, held on January 18 at the Brussels Airport Sheraton hotel, was intended to showcase the airline’s fresh look, designed by Gabrielle Szwarcenberg from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. However, what was meant to be a celebration of fashion, sustainability, and inclusiveness has turned into a debacle for the airline.

Brussels Airlines shows its new uniform to the world

The new uniforms, featuring a sustainable design and inclusive style guide, were met with a mixed reception from the airline’s more than 2,600 employees. While some were satisfied with the new attire, others voiced concerns about the fit, particularly those who had experienced weight fluctuations since the initial fittings.

Behind the scenes, reports suggest that the airline’s handling of the uniform rollout has been amateurish, with Brussels Airlines labelling the unveiling event as “the drop” and others outright calling it “a flop.” Crew members have been vocal about various issues, including the poor condition of their current uniforms, shortages of suitable trousers and shirts, and newly hired staff having to make do with minimal garments.

In response to mounting discontent, Brussels Airlines acknowledged the challenges in a statement to They cited a significant increase in requests and difficulties with fitting, shipping, and backorders as reasons for the delays. The airline emphasised its commitment to ensuring all employees feel comfortable and proud in their new attire but conceded that meeting the April deadline was unfeasible.

The setbacks faced by Brussels Airlines highlight the importance of meticulous planning and execution in uniform rollouts, especially in an industry where appearance and comfort are integral to customer satisfaction and employee morale.

As the airline works to address these challenges and finalise the introduction of its new uniforms, the spotlight remains firmly on its ability to deliver on its promises of sustainability, inclusivity, and professionalism.


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