Brussels Airlines welcomed 15.1% more passengers in October 2017


Brussels Airlines again recorded a passenger growth in October. In total, 865,673 passengers boarded a Brussels Airlines flight last month. That’s exactly 113,479 more than the same month last year. The passenger rise also led to a 3.9 percentage point increase in the seat load factor.

October was the last month of the Brussels Airlines summer season. While there are traditionally many business trips in October, also tourist destinations attract many passengers in this period, due to the start of the autumn school holidays. Thanks to the cooperation with Thomas Cook, for whom Brussels Airlines is the main airline partner in Belgium since 28 October, several new destinations were launched at the end of October, when inaugural flights to Cape Verde, Egypt, Tunisia and the Canary Islands Lanzarote and Fuerteventura took place.

However, the significant passenger growth of 15.1% is not only explained by these new destinations, as the increase in passenger numbers (+15.1%) is significantly higher than the growth in the number of flights (+3.5%.).

The transported cargo volume also recorded growth rates in October. The Cargo Load Factor increased by 11.4 percentage points compared to October 2016. The transported volumes, expressed in Revenue Ton Kilometer, increased by as much as 20.1%.

In these figures, the passenger results of charter flights carried out by Brussels Airlines in October 2017 for travel organizations are not included.

Month Month VLY  difference in %
okt/17 okt/16
Flights 7,447 7,197 3.5%
Total Passengers 865,673 752,194 15.1%
— Passengers Europe 725,068 629,538 15.2%
— Passengers Africa 83,210 74,966 11.0%
— Passengers North America 31,752 30,664 3.5%
— Passengers Middle East 18,108 17,026 6.4%
— Passengers Asia 7,535 / /
Available seat-kilometers  (ASK) 1,788,717,775 1,607,981,075 11.2%
Revenue Passenger-Kilometers  (RPK) 1,411,522,692 1,206,300,183 17.0%
Passenger Load Factor (%) 78.9% 75.0% 3.9 pp
Available Ton-Kilometers (ATK)    213,798 190,778 12.1%
Revenue Ton-Kilometers  (RTK) 164,767 137,231 20.1%
Cargo Load Factor (%) 69.0% 57.6% 11.4 pp


10 November 2017

Source: Brussels Airlines


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