Brussels Airlines unveils new logo, emphasising the Belgian identity of the airline


Brussels Airlines confirms its position in the market with a new brand identity

A few weeks ago, looking at the Benelux trademark register, a member of the team discovered by coincidence the above-pictured logo recently protected by law. We called Brussels Airlines to ask for a confirmation, and indeed, we were informed that Brussels Airlines was working at a new branding, but we were asked to keep an embargo until the press conference of 18 November, where the new branding would be explained.

Since another website has disclosed the logo today, Brussels Airlines spokesperson Kim Daenen gave us the authorisation to unveil the new logo, together with the following information:

After years marked by many changes, it is important to clarify and confirm our position in the market. We are now turning our attention to the future with strategic investments, with clear priorities and a strong Belgian identity.

We want to clearly mark this start of the? New Brussels Airlines.? For?our customers, who we could not offer the?usual network?and services? due to the pandemic.?But?also?for our employees, who contribute?a lot to our transformation into a healthy, sustainable company that offers perspectives and is ready for the future.

We see this new brand identity as a symbol of confidence in our company’s future. With the word “brussels” gaining more importance with its larger size, we are re-emphasising our Belgian identity and our role as Belgium’s home carrier.

We want to make a firm statement: Brussels Airlines is here to stay and is ready for the future.

On 18 November we will reveal our entire new brand identity, including a new aircraft livery.

The Airbus A319 registered OO-SSO flew to East Midlands on 7 November to be repainted in the new livery at Airbourne Colours Ltd in time for the 18 November presentation to the press.


  1. Doesn’t look particularly Belgian to me. Belgian flag is black, yellow and red but the old and new logos are blue and orange….Go figure.
    If you didn’t know, you might think this was just another tech or media company. I wonder how much Brussels/ Lufthansa paid for this ”re-branding”?


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