Brussels Airlines to introduce new own flights after the demise of its subcontractor Flybmi

Brussels Airlines Airbus A319

Flybmi was an important codeshare partner and subcontractor for Brussels Airlines. Its bankruptcy has as a consequence the cancellation of many routes or flights operated by flybmi, either on behalf of Brussels Airlines (Hannover, Strasbourg, Turin) or in codeshare with the Belgian airline (Newcastle, East Midlands, Bristol, Nuremberg).

It has already been announced earlier that flybmi’s sister company Loganair, which operates independently and is not affected by the bankruptcy, will take over the Newcastle route as of 25 March with an Embraer ERJ-145.

Going through the GDS and FR24, it appears that Brussels Airlines is now operating itself some routes with an Airbus A319:

  • SN2637/8 to/from Hannover
  • SN3661/2 to/from Strasbourg
  • SN3195/6 to/from Turin on 24 Feb

The flybmi flights on which Brussels Airlines is codesharing are cancelled altogether, whereas the Brussels Airlines flights codeshared with flybmi (London Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh) are not affected at all and operated normally.

Sixteen thousand passengers of Brussels Airlines are affected by the demise of flybmi.




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