Brussels Airlines to cancel 900 flights in February and March


Brussels Airlines will cancel a total of 900 flights in February and March, after failing to register a sufficient number of bookings, due to the coronavirus crisis and the ensuing travel restrictions.

More and more passengers are cancelling their flights, partly because governments are tightening the rules on non-essential travel.

In concrete terms, Brussels Airlines will operate only 7 percent of the flights compared to February 2019, and 12 percent in March, spokeswoman Kim Daenen said to Belga news agency.

The number of passengers who currently have reservations on these flights does not allow an economic justification for these flights to continue,” said Daenen. Thus, a number of tourist destinations will temporarily disappear from the offer, such as Barcelona, ​​Prague, Rome, Gotenburg and Vienna.

Passengers whose flight is cancelled will be notified. They can rebook their flight or request a refund.

However, the flights to Africa will be maintained, at a rate of 40 percent compared to 2019.

Brussels Airlines also offers flexible tickets due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus. Since September last year, anyone who books a flight can rebook it free of charge.


  1. Which parts of Africa plz? And is this just flights leaving Brussels?? Or does it also include the U.K..
    Thank you.


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