Brussels Airlines temporarily moves operations to Antwerp, Liege and Zurich


Brussels Airlines has developed a plan to carry out a part of its flight schedule during the closure of Brussels Airport in the wake of the terror attacks.

Short- and medium-haul

The airline will from tomorrow base 5 Avro RJ100 aircraft in Antwerp, and 10 Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft in Liege. These Belgian-based planes will fly to some of the European destinations of Brussels Airlines. Specifically, from Liege there will be 44 A320/A319 flights on Thursday and 66 flights on Friday. From Antwerp there will be 20 Avro RJ100 flights on Thursday and 30 flights on Friday. Obviously, these will be point-to-point flights, as no connections (especially long-haul) can be provided.



The Airbus A330 aircraft used for Africa flights will fly to/from  Zurich, where passengers can easily connect to destinations in Europe or elsewhere on Star Alliance sister company SWISS.

Five A330s left Brussels empty as ferry flights to African destinations today (Wednesday) : OO-SFU for Entebbe/Kigali, OO-SFM for Freetown/Monrovia, OO-SFN as SN369 to Douala, OO-SFV as SN203 to Dakar and OO-SFY as SN277 to Accra.