Brussels Airlines: strong growth in the month of May


Brussels Airlines looks back at a strong month of May. The number of passengers increased by 15% and the occupancy rate and transported cargo volume also experienced strong growth.

The growth in passenger numbers was recorded in all markets. The number of passengers on intra-European flights has increased by 15.1%, the flights between Africa and Brussels Airport recorded 18.3% more passengers compared to the same period last year, and finally, on flights to New York and Washington passenger numbers grew by 4.8%.

In total, 87,379 additional passengers chose to travel with Brussels Airlines. Without the closure of the air space on May 27, this growth would have been even higher.

The increase in passenger numbers is due among others to the new commercial strategy of Brussels Airlines, the launch of new destinations, the success of flights to leisure destinations, and the significant growth of the African market.

The seat load factor increased by 1.1 percent to 72.5%.

In addition to its scheduled flight activity, Brussels Airlines operated many holiday flights for tour operators, meeting and incentive agencies and sports clubs. Passenger figures for these charter activities are not included in the monthly figures of this press release.








Month/month difference in %
Passengers669850582471+ 15.0
Available seat-kilometres (in millions1470.701295.52+ 13.5
Revenue Passenger-kilometres (in millions)1066.93925.7+  15.3
Freight ton-kilometres (in millions)1789216562+ 8.0
Overall Loadfactor (Passengers & Freight)63.1 %62.6%+ 0.5 pct punt
Passenger Load Factor PLF72.5%71.4%+1.1 pct punt








Figures based on preliminary data currently available

Thursday, June 11, 2015


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