Brussels Airlines cabin crew unions consider submitting a strike notice; management regrets the absence of agreement


On 19 August, the three unions representing the cabin crew of Brussels Airlines regretted the absence of agreement after the reconciliation meeting, and thus considered submitting a strike notice taking effect on 26 August. This strike notice would be for an indefinite period.

Brussels Airlines management reacted to this potential strike notice and sent the following statement to

Brussels Airlines regrets that the reconciliation meeting with its social partners, which took place yesterday, 19 August, did not lead to a common understanding of the measures sufficient to tackle the current challenges. The airline confirms that the reconciliation did not lead to an agreement.

The management continues to implement the proposed measures to reduce the current high workload of the cabin crew and to address, in particular, the issues of flight pairings, fatigue management, and staff planning. However, cancelling the Collective Labour Agreement that was agreed upon in June last year is not an option. The company’s competitiveness is crucial to create a sustainable future for our company and staff. Brussels Airlines condemns any social action that would harm its guests, impact the workload of other staff members, harm the company’s way forward, and endanger its financial stability.

The management remains committed to implementing solutions to reduce the current high workload for cabin crew and continues to support an open and constructive social dialogue.”



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