Brussels Airlines Airbus A330 returns to Brussels after U-turn over southern France


A Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300 registered OO-SFG was on its way to Monrovia, Liberia, via Freetown, Sierra Leone, on flight SN241 at FL350. Due to hydraulic problems as a result of loss of pressure from the yellow hydraulic system, the aircraft with 230 passengers on board had to turn around over southwestern France. The aircraft climbed at FL360 before landing safely at Brussels Airport. The security services were massively present at the airport.

A plane that had departed from Brussels Airport and was on its way to Liberia has indeed run into problems,” airport spokesperson Nathalie Piérard confirmed to newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. “The fire brigade is present en masse, but that is the standard procedure.

The aircraft could be repaired and took off again with a delay of 5 hours, but it skipped the intermediate stop at Freetown and flew directly to Monrovia.


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