Brussels Airlines adds Valencia to its network and increases frequencies to sunny destinations in winter 2019

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As of 17 February 2020, Brussels Airlines will start operating flights to Valencia in Spain. Valencia is a key destination that was still missing in Brussels Airlines’ vast European portfolio and targets next to holidaymakers also corporate travellers. The aviation winter season, which starts on 27 October, also brings changes to some existing destinations on the European network map, optimising the schedule to the market.

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona and one of the biggest point-to-point markets out of Brussels currently not served by Brussels Airlines. As of February next year, Brussels Airlines will start a four-weekly service to the port city on Spain’s southeastern coast, flying on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It is the 16th city Brussels Airlines serves in Spain, which remains a very popular holiday destination for Belgians. Valencia is mostly known for its heritage of ancient monuments, views and cultural attractions, making it one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations. With Brussels Airlines opening the Valencia route, all airlines of the Lufthansa Group are now represented in the Spanish city.

Brussels Airlines will operate Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft on the Valencia route.

Flight schedule (in local times)

Flight number Days of the week From Departure To Arrival Aircraft type
SN  3751 1…… BRU 13:30 VLC 15:45 A319
SN  3751 ..3.5.. BRU 09:35 VLC 11:50 A319
SN  3751 ……7 BRU 12:45 VLC 15:00 A320
SN  3752 1…… VLC 16:35 BRU 18:55 A319
SN  3752 ..3.5.. VLC 12:40 BRU 15:00 A319
SN  3752 ……7 VLC 15:50 BRU 18:10 A320


On top of this new destination, Brussels Airlines also optimises its existing network in order to adapt its offer to market demand. This results in more frequencies to Alicante (from 3 to 4 weekly flights), Billund (from 14 to 18 weekly flights), Faro (from 1 to 2 weekly flights) and Hurghada (from 2 to 3 weekly flights).

André Orban: M. Sc. Engineering
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