Belgian strike days, live update 8 December 2014


Belgian strike days, live update 8 December 2014 (this article will be updated throughout the day).


Brussels Airport cannot be reached by train or bus, but the road access to Brussels Airport airport is unhampered. There are some road blocks towards Brucargo, the freight area, but they have been lifted at 17:00.

All flights which are not cancelled (see hereunder) are arriving more or less on time and departing with only slight delays.

So far, 48% of the flights have been cancelled at Brussels Airport due to strike this Monday 8 December.

United (3 flights), Delta, US Airways, Jet Airways (8 flights – passengers re-accommodated through Paris or Abu Dhabi), Alitalia, easyJet (15 flights), Lufthansa (14 flights), Austrian, British Airways, Swiss, Finnair, KLM, Aer Lingus, CSA Czech Airlines, Air Serbia, Aegean Airlines, Turkish Airlines, El Al, Air Arabia, Etihad, Emirates, MEA, Tunisair, Aeroflot, Air Lituanica, Croatia Airlines, among others, cancelled all their flights.

SAS, Iberia, TAP Air Portugal have cancelled some flights, but not all of them. Consult your airline or check at

The Jetairfly flights are diverted to Liège, Charleroi and Ostend (short- and medium-haul) and Amsterdam (long-haul). The Thomas Cook flights are diverted to Lille.

LOT, Ryanair, Vueling (among others) have maintained all their flights. Out of precaution and if possible: take hand luggage only if you’re travelling today. But respect liquids & gels rules.

Brussels Airlines has preventively cancelled only 16 flights out of more than 100:
Overview cancelled flights 08/12
SN 2038 Birmingham – Brussels
SN 2045 Brussels – Birmingham
SN 2057 Brussels – Bristol
SN 2058 Bristol – Brussels
SN 2063 Brussels – Edinburgh
SN 2064 Edinburgh – Brussels
SN 2307 Brussels – Stockholm
SN 2308 Stockholm – Brussels
SN 2317 Brussels – Gothenburg
SN 2318 Gothenburg – Brussels
SN 2367 Brussels – Riga
SN 2368 Riga – Brussels
SN 2587 Brussels – Berlin Tegel
SN 2588 Berlin Tegel – Brussels
SN 2625 Brussels – Hamburg
SN 2626 Hamburg – Brussels
SN 2637 Brussels – Hannover
SN 2638 Hannover – Brussels
SN 2705 Brussels – Basel
SN 2706 Basel – Brussels
SN 2719 Brussels – Geneva
SN 2720 Geneva – Brussels
SN 2901 Brussels – Vienna
SN 2902 Vienna – Brussels
SN 3291 Brussels – Tel Aviv
SN 3292 Tel Aviv – Brussels
SN 3591 Brussels – Lyon
SN 3592 Lyon – Brussels
SN 3661 Brussels – Strasbourg
SN 3662 Strasbourg – Brussels
SN 3669 Brussels – Toulouse
SN 3670 Toulouse – Brussels


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