All-time record for Brussels Airlines in 2015



In 2015 Brussels Airlines realized the largest passenger growth in the history of the airline, with a total of 7, 5 million guests on board of its flights. This represents an increase of 12,1 percent versus 2014 and even +30% compared to 2013. This growth is significantly higher than the average of the European airlines and the overall passenger numbers on the Belgian market. The reason is to be found in the airline offering a combination of both attractive prices ánd premium service.

Brussels Airlines ends the previous year with a record growth. Not less than 7.500.909 passengers chose to fly Brussels Airlines to Europe, Africa or the States, or 892.042 more than in 2014. The European flights saw an increase in passenger numbers of 12.9 pct, the African network of 9.3 pct and New York and Washington 1.6 pct. The overall seat load factor grew with 2.4 percent points to 74.4 pct, with the transatlantic flights peaking at 80,7 pct.

Due to the higher passenger volumes and weight restrictions the airline transported less air freight in line with the expectations. The terrorist attacks that had an impact on Brussels in the month of December caused a temporary slowdown towards the end of the year.

Passengers choose for Brussels Airlines

More and more passengers discover Brussels Airlines and remain loyal to our airline”, says  Brussels Airlines CEO Bernard Gustin. “Our broad network and new commercial strategy are becoming more popular by the day. In the light of today’s fierce competition in the airline industry, we are very pleased with this result. We thank our clients for their trust and our staff for their efforts in making Brussels Airlines a greater airline than ever before.”

The new commercial strategy is two-fold: firstly passengers can now choose how they want to fly  and secondly, they have access to a much larger portfolio of destinations. In 2015 the main elements of the airline’s new positioning were implemented. Chief Commercial Officer Lars Redeligx: “We combine service and low fares. With our rock bottom fare of 69 euro return we reach the most price-sensitive passengers, but many travellers are also tempted by our growing portfolio of leisure and business destinations. It was this strategy that made us grew faster than the market in 2015.  In 2016 we will continue to offer our passengers more choice, more service, more innovation, all with a true Belgian touch. Indeed, we continue to invest in our product offering.”

On top of the scheduled flights, Brussels Airlines also operated many charter flights as well as holiday flights and group travel arrangements for tour operators. The passenger numbers of this important activity are not included in the annual  figures of this report. In total Brussels Airlines flew 142.605 passengers to and from their holiday destination on behalf of tour operators.

The Brussels Airlines network grew in 2015 with scheduled flights to Accra, Bremen, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Billund, Zagreb, Bordeaux, Dubrovnik, Lourdes, St Petersburg, Calvi, Olbia and Ibiza. Other commercial highlights were, a.o., the launch of the new loyalty programme LOOP, the  inauguration of ‘Rackham’ (Tintin aircraft), frequency increases to West-African countries that overcame the Ebola crisis, enhanced cooperation with tour operators, the Tomorrowland campaign, the growing success of the new lounge “The Loft”, the popularity of the  Star Chefs and the Awards given to Brussels Airlines by the travel industry.

Full year


Full Year


Year/Year diff in %
Passengers * 7.500.909 6.687.810 +12,1
Available seat-kilometres (in million) 15.913,65 14.947,52 +6,5
Revenue Passenger-kilometres (in million) 11.832,51 10.755,77 +10,0
Freight ton-kilometres (in million) 170.676 189.499 – 9,9
Overall Loadfactor (Passengers  & Freight) 63,4% 61,9% +1,5 pct. point
Seat Load Factor (Passenger Load Factor) 74,4% 72,0% +2,4 pct. point






Year / Year diff in %
504.216 461.577 + 9,2
1.175,30 1.073,93 +9,4
851,34 753,48 +13,0
11.455 12.841 – 10,8
60,7% 60,3% +0,4 pct. point
72,4% 70,1% +2,3 pct. point

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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