A Brussels Airlines flight to Yerevan (Armenia) diverts to Tbilisi (Georgia) after technical issue


On 21 September, Brussels Airlines flight SN2899 to Yerevan (EVN), operated by Airbus A320 registered OO-SNL, left Brussels at 19:30 and was scheduled to land the next day at 01:05 local time.

Upon arrival in Yerevan, the weather was fine, other airlines were landing on runway 27 while this flight was holding for 45 minutes at FL140 before eventually diverting to Tbilisi (TBS), where it landed at 01:50 local time (22:50 UTC).

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Kim Daenen, spokeswoman for Brussels Airlines explained to Aviation24.be that “at the time of arrival of SN2899 in Yerevan, all airlines had to use another runway in EVN, but due to issues with the GPS signal onboard the aircraft, the Brussels Airlines plane was not able to use that specific runway. That is why the flight diverted to Tbilisi.”

After repair of the malfunctioning GPS in Tbilisi, the aircraft returned to Yerevan as SN9919, departure on 22 September at 15:55 and arrival less than one hour later at 16:30, before carrying out the return flight to Brussels (flight number changed from SN2900 to SN1840), departure at 18:15 and arrival in Brussels at 20:50, more than 15 hours late (Scheduled Time of Arrival was 05:00).



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