A Brussels Airlines crew on standby in Athens to take the Belgian Red Devils home


Hours before yesterday’s important game of Belgium against Croatia, a Brussels Airlines crew was flown in towards Athens, Greece. A worst-cast-scenario, ready to fly to Doha and pick up the team if things went wrong. After the Belgian draw, the next part of the assignment comes in play. 

This morning, the Red Devils’ plane, a Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300 registered OO-SFD, left Brussels Airport as flight SN9931 for Athens to pick up the crew. Then, the aircraft will head for Doha, Qatar, with the same flight number, to bring the team back to Belgium. Departure from Doha at 19:45 as flight SN1048.

So why didn’t they immediately fly to Doha? Because there are too few accommodation options, the hotels are fairly full.

Why don’t they just wait in Brussels and fly to Doha? Because crew is only allowed a maximum number of duty hours per day and cannot carry out a return Brussels-Doha-Brussels on the same day.

According to Brussels Airport website, the arrival in Brussels is foreseen at 00:55 on Saturday morning.



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