Austrian clients in favour of playing Blue Danube waltz on board


For me the Blue Danube waltz is simply part of AUA as an Austrian airline. Without it, one can simply book tickets on any other airline.” Or: “Keep the Blue Danube waltz by all means. I live abroad, and when I get on the plane, the Blue Danube waltz gives me the feeling of already being a little bit at home.”

Such statements were made by passengers of Austrian Airlines in an online survey in spring 2016, the majority of whom called on the airline to continue the sound of waltzes on its flights. 72% of the 2,500 customers voted in favor of the Blue Danube waltz. Only 6% definitely opposed the idea, and 10% were somewhat against it.

We were also repeatedly confronted with critical comments on our board music. That’s why we have decided to conduct a poll“, says Marketing Manager Isabella Reichl. “However, we did not expect such a clear preference for continuing to play the Blue Danube waltz on board.”

Question: Would you miss the waltz on board?

Isabella Reichl concludes that “in any case, our passengers would miss the waltz music. It strongly represents the rich cultural heritage of Austria, which is an important reason why many tourists visit Austria.”