Austrian Airlines inaugurates winter flights to Sri Lanka


• Austrian Airlines expands long-haul service in the tourism segment
• Once a week to Colombo as of October 27, 2015
• A second weekly flight to Mauritius as of December 19, 2015

In addition to Mauritius and Miami, Austrian Airlines is adding a further new destination to its network. Starting on October 27, 2015, Austrian Airlines will offer flights once a week to Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, namely on Tuesdays. This represents a further destination in Asia next to Delhi, Bangkok, Maldives, Peking and Tokyo. Austrian Airlines will operate a Boeing 767 for its flight service to Colombo, a distance of about 7,450 kilometers. The flight from Vienna to Colombo will take about 9 hours and 10 minutes.

In addition to the Maldives and Mauritius, Sri Lanka is yet another destination in the Indian Ocean“, explains Andreas Otto, Chief Commercial Officer of Austrian Airlines. ”In this way we are increasingly focusing on long-haul tourist destinations which are particularly in demand during the winter months.”

Also known as the Spice Island, Sri Lanka is mainly of interests to tourists who want to enjoy the local culture, relax on the beaches or get to know the country and its people within the context of an active or adventure holiday. The destination will be offered during the winter season. Round trip air fares start at EUR 679 including taxes and charges. Tickets can be booked online at, per telephone at +43 (0) 5 1766 1000 or from a travel agency.

Austrian Airlines has added Mauritius to its route network starting in the winter flight schedule 2015/2016. A Boeing 767 will be operated non-stop from Vienna to Mauritius every Thursday and back to Vienna on Fridays. Due to the extensive demand, Austrian Airlines will add a second weekly flight to Mauritius in the period December 19, 2015 to February 27, 2015. The second weekly flight will be operated every Saturday to the sunny island of Mauritius and back to Vienna on Sundays. The flight from Vienna to Mauritius takes approximately 10 hours and 40 minutes for the distance of about 8,630 kilometers.

Tickets are available starting at EUR 899 round trip, including taxes and charges. They can be booked online at, per telephone at +43 (0) 5 1766 1000 or in a travel agency.


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