Strong increase in the number of LOT passengers in January and February



In January, LOT carried by 17 and in February by 24 percent more passengers than in the corresponding period of the previous year. Such good results are due to the contribution of a new flight network comprising as many as 13 new directions, including the long haul flight to Tokyo. 

The new directions turned out to be a success confirmed by the first results in the number of passengers transported during barely initial weeks.

It is the most objective indicator that quickly verified whether we met the passengers’ needs. The growth by 17% and 24% in January and February respectively, the months which belong to the low season of the airline industry, proves that LOT’s offers are used not only by frequent flyers who know us very well, but also people who have not yet used our services. I mean that both, the Polish and foreign passengers, more often chose Warsaw as their transfer airport, instead of other big and overcrowded airports,” said Adrian Kubicki, Corporate Communication Department Director.

Only in January 2016, LOT launched the long-awaited direct long haul flights between Warsaw and Tokyo, but also the connections with selected European cities, such as Barcelona, Venice, Zurich, Düsseldorf, Yerevan, Zagreb, and Belgrade. During the first two days of March, LOT inaugurated four other connections to Luxembourg, Ljubljana, Athens, and Kharkiv. At the end of March, LOT’s routemap will also include: Kosice, Cluj Napoca, Nice, and Beirut. LOT increased the frequency of connections on selected routes, in order to allow the most comfortable and fastest transfers at the Warsaw Chopin Airport.

When creating our schedule, we do our best to make our transfers the most accessible to as many passengers as possible, regardless where does their travel begin at. Thus, we are getting even stronger and become a better alternative to other carriers in Europe. The dynamic growth in the number of passengers is particularly noticeable in countries that have no national carrier, or where the carrier’s offer is insufficient. LOT wants to fill this gap and quickly become the first line of choice in such countries,”- Kubicki added.

In April 2016, new European connections will be launched and this time they will concern the travelling tourists. From 30 April, LOT will fly to Split, and from 1 May – to Zadar, thus offering the only direct flight from the Warsaw Chopin Airport to the Adriatic Coast in Croatia.

Warsaw, 10 March 2016