LOT’s rich winter season offering: 2 new long-haul destinations and reopening of domestic link to Bydgoszcz


During the winter season that is about to commence on 27 October, LOT Polish Airlines will offer over 54,500 flights. The number is by as much as 11 percent higher than in the corresponding period the year before. The Polish carrier will launch two new long-haul destinations. On 3 November, Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft will debut on the route to Sri Lanka’s ever-green Colombo, and on 15 January of next year, they will arrive at one of the world’s most technically sophisticated airports – Beijing-Daxing (PKX). LOT will increase the frequency of as many as 17 connections.

A new domestic route between Warsaw and Bydgoszcz is in the list of novelties as well.

The end of October and the beginning of November is a very special moment for the entire airline industry. Just as it is the case in spring (March/April), airlines from all over the world unveil their new connection networks that are tailored to the needs of a specific season and adjust their offering to passengers’ expectations based on in-depth analyses they conduct.

During the winter season that begins on 27 October, LOT Polish Airlines will not only increase the number of its connections by 11 percent, but will also offer 14 percent more seats compared to the corresponding period of last year.

“After a very dynamic and successful summer season, we are about to switch to winter operations. We have come up with a very attractive network of connections that is well suited to the passengers’ needs. On 3 November, our continuously expanding list of destinations will see a new addition – a flight connecting Warsaw and Colombo in Sri Lanka. On 15 January 2020, in turn, our planes will take off from the capital city of Poland, heading for Beijing-Daxing. Four additional flights to the Chinese capital mean that LOT will now be offering a daily connection to Beijing,” says Rafal Milczarski, CEO of LOT Polish Airlines

In the current winter season, the frequency of flights from Warsaw offered the previous year will be increased as well. The Polish carrier’s planes will be paying more frequent visits to: Istanbul, Berlin, Vienna, Tallinn, Cluj-Napoca, Kosice, Budapest, Odessa, Riga, Kiev, Toronto, Ljubljana and New York (JFK).

The dynamic growth of LOT Polish Airlines is driven not only by new connections from Warsaw and expansion of the Budapest hub but also by an increased number of feeder flights from domestic airports. Starting with the winter season, the passengers will be able to take advantage of additional connections between the capital of Poland and Poznan, Lublin, Zielona Gora and Rzeszow. On 27 October, LOT will also relaunch the domestic connection between the Chopin Airport and Bydgoszcz. LOT’s Bombardier Q400 aircraft will be serving the route 10 times per week.

As it is the case each winter season, LOT will suspend flights from Warsaw to: Palanga, Split, Zadar, Pula, as well as connections from Warsaw to Varna and Corfu, Cracow to Dubrovnik and Bucharest, and from Rzeszow to New York (EWR).

“In addition to our flight network, we are expanding LOT’s fleet as well. The 15th Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, capable of accommodating nearly 300 passengers travelling in three different comfort classes, will arrive in Warsaw in late October or early November. Two more Dreamliners will reinforce our fleet in the spring of next year. We continue working on expanding our regional fleet as well, aiming to be able to offer new, very interesting destinations in the summer of 2020,” Rafal Milczarski adds.

Tickets for LOT’s flights are available via all sales channels, including the lot.com website.

In 2018, LOT carried a record number of over 8.9 million passengers – 2 million more than in 2017. In December of this year, the Polish carrier will be a host for its 10 millionth passenger. LOT operates more than 80 modern aircraft on a daily basis. The carrier’s offer comprises as many as 111 scheduled flights connecting destinations all over the globe.

Warsaw, 25 October 2019


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