LOT is offering more flights to Tokyo and Seoul and new flights to Newark and Los Angeles


Polish Airlines LOT continues to expand its connections to Asia and USA

Starting from 3 July, new LOT’s Dreamliners will fly to Japan more often as well, offering passengers four instead of three flights per week on that route.

Merely four months after the launch of the flights to Seoul, the Polish carrier has decided to significantly increase the frequencies on the Warsaw-Seoul route. Starting from July 2017, LOT is going to operate on that route not three but five times per week. LOT is the first carrier in Central and Eastern Europe to connect South Korea with so many Polish and European cities.

The timetable of flights to Asian destinations can be expanded thanks to two new Dreamliners that will join the LOT fleet at the peak of the 2017 summer season.  The development of the network of connections is a part of LOT’s profitable growth strategy for 2020. In total, LOT offers three flights to Beijing, four to Tokyo and five to Seoul every week.

As early as April, two completely new flights will be launched: on 3 April to Los Angeles and on 28 April to Newark.

Switzerland, April 03, 2017


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