Laudamotion removes “Motion” from its name and launches new destinations from Vienna


The Ryanair daughter Laudamotion has finally decided to delete the word “Motion” from its name. The low-cost airline decided to keep only “Lauda” for marketing reasons, as CEO Andreas Gruber said Wednesday at the presentation of new uniforms. These are similar to the uniforms of the Austrian Airlines flight attendants – only the red tights are missing.

We’re just red-white-red, there’s not much choice,” Gruber told journalists. On the posters, the flyers and now on the uniforms, a curved “L” adorns the lettering “Lauda”. Although the legal company name remains Laudamotion GmbH, from a marketing point of view Lauda is more concise and easy to communicate, said Gruber in Vienna’s airport Schwechat.

Laudamotion will increase its fleet in Vienna by 3 to 11 aeroplanes in the autumn, while in the summer flight plan 2020, another 3 aircraft will be based at Vienna Airport. Vienna will be the largest of the four bases, ahead of Dusseldorf, Palma de Mallorca and Stuttgart. Next will see the fifth base, outside the German-speaking area, Gruber announced.

In the winter timetable, Laudamotion will operate 21 more routes from Vienna, including to Athens, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bordeaux, Marseille, Brussels-Charleroi, Eindhoven, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Lisbon, Porto, Riga, Sofia, Tel Aviv, Oslo, Vilnius and Muenster.

Laudamotion joins parent company Ryanair for the negotiations with the airports as well as for kerosene purchasing.


  1. Good day! March 18, 2019 I used the services of the company Lauda Motion. A flight from Vienna (Austria) to Kyiv (Ukraine). Tickects attached. On March 17 and early morning March 18 I could not make an online check in – I didn’t receive e-mail for this and web site was not availiable for this too. Please, find the screen from web site. My flight from Vienna started at 7.25 am and e-mail from Rynair for check-in was sent from company at 7.33 am (as you can see in e-mail below). So, I had to pay in Vienna airport 110 euro for 2 pasangers for check in, but it was not my foult that company didn’t give me opportunity to check in online and not to pay money for this service in airport.


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