Eleven false bomb threats made on several aircraft in Chili and Peru, four aircraft forced to divert to nearby airports


The DGAC (Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil) in Chili confirmed on Thursday night that during the day it received a total of eleven bomb threats and threats to sabotage aircraft. The PDI (Investigations Police of Chile) is investigating the origin of the telephone calls. 

On Thursday night, the DGAC confirmed that during the day 11 bomb threats were made against commercial aircraft of LATAM Airlines and Sky Airline. Emergency protocol was activated on nine commercial aircraft. Two LATAM Airlines flights and two Sky Airline flights made an emergency landing to the nearest airport, LATAM Airlines flight LA2369 from Lima to Santiago diverted to and was immediately evacuated at Pisco Airport.

After thorough checks of the aircraft nothing suspicious was found, the investigation police will now determine the origin of the telephone calls. A LATAM Airlines spokesperson said that “no indication was found that the passengers were at risk“.


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