Electrical problems on LATAM Boeing 777 – overweight emergency landing at Belo Horizonte, Brazil


On 20 December, a LATAM Brasil Boeing 777-300 (PT-MUG) was operating flight LA8084 from São Paulo (Brazil) to London Heathrow (United Kingdom). The crew told passengers that there was a serious problem with the aircraft: the electrical system stopped working and the aircraft didn’t have stability. 

The pilots decided to divert to and made an overweight emergency landing at Belo Horizonte Airport (Brazil). The aircraft became disabled on the runway when eight tires deflated. A total of 339 passengers were on board, all safe. According to investigation by JACDEC, ADS-B data showed a period of severe airspeed fluctuations starting about 25 min after take-off when flying at its en-route level of 290 (29,000 ft.)


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