PSG star team lands at Ostend-Bruges Airport for tonight’s game against Club Brugge, but was this charter necessary?



The arrival of the stars of the French football team PSG, playing tonight against Belgian team Club Brugge in the UEFA Champions League, has caused quite a stir among the many fans of Messi, Neymar and the rest of the star team as yesterday they were anxiously awaiting the team at Ostend-Bruges Airport, Belgium.

The very short hop between Paris Le Bourget and Ostend causes some frustration among environmental activists and environmental advocates: yesterday the Airbus A321 (registered F-HBUZ), a luxury aircraft of La Compagnie, was first ferried from Paris Orly to close-by Le Bourget (22 minutes), followed by a short hop to Belgium (37 minutes).

Small but important detail: the official Paris Saint Germain team bus completed the 300 km trip empty.

Last year, Greenpeace requested the European Commission to ban all short-haul traffic and earlier this year France abolished all short-haul domestic flights (in the event of alternatives taking less than 2.5 hours).

Personally I think that the star players would have survived the 4 hour trip on the luxurious coach or alternatively with a high-speed train.

More pictures check Flickr (pictures copyright Michel Vandaele).



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