Korean Air flight attendants must take a tougher stance to tackle unruly passengers, that includes the use of a stun gun


South Korea´s flag carrier Korean Air has asked its flight attendants to take a tougher stance in case of in-flight violence. Currently flight attendants can already make use of a stun gun on board, yet on this flight it was not used “properly”.

The measure came after an incident on a flight between Vietnam and Korea last week where a drunk Korean passenger attacked flight attendants and other passengers. After the flight attendants tied him up, he hit 2 flight attendants -one in the face and another one in the stomach- and kicked and spat at a flight engineer. The fight took more than 2 hours.

This photo provided by Korean Air shows a 35-year-old South Korean passenger tied to his seat following a violent outburst toward other passengers and flight attendants on a Korean Air flight from Vietnam to South Korea on Dec. 20, 2016. (Yonhap)

Richard Marx, American musician was also on the flight and publicly criticized the flight attendants’ actions.

With respect to the #KoreanAir crew, who are only as good as they’re trained, think if this despicable excuse for a human had been a terrorist.


Korean Air said the use of a taser is allowed only when there is a serious threat to the life of passengers or flight attendants or to the safety of the flight, but will revise its safety manual and regulations.

“Korean Air will react more firmly and actively against in-flight violence that threatens the overall safety of the flight”, it said in a press release.

Air rages have been risen from 191 in 2012 to 460 last year, the transportation ministry added.


Source: Richard Marx FacebookRichard Marx TwitterYonhap news


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