Korean Air Executive is being accused of assault after threw a cup of water at someone

Cho Hyun-min / Yonhap

The Korea Times reports that “35 year young Cho Hyun-min is being accused of throwing a cup of water in the face of an advertising agency employee at a recent meeting. Apparently she was’t satisfied with the agency’s work, and then “yelled and threw a cup of water at the employee.”

She is the younger sister of Heather Cho. Korean Air Executive and the daughter of Korean Air chairman and CEO Cho Yang-ho, she went crazy and demanded to taxi back to the gate in 2014 because she was served nuts in a bag rather than in a ramekin. (Nut rage incident)

Korean Air is denying the accusation, admitting that she yelled and thew a cup to the floor, but not that she threw the cup at the employee. They also claim that she apologized to the person and others at the meeting. So far the agency hasn’t said anything, while Cho has issued an apology:

“I apologize for my foolish behavior,” she wrote on Facebook. “It is my fault that I failed to control my emotions.”

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