Korean Air celebrates 20 years of serving the Seoul Gimpo – Tokyo Haneda route


Korean Air recently celebrated its 20th anniversary of operating the Seoul Gimpo-Tokyo Haneda route, a vital link between South Korea and Japan. Initially starting with one daily flight in 2003, the service expanded to two daily flights in 2005 and three in 2010. Despite temporary suspension due to the pandemic, operations resumed in June 2022, utilising Airbus A321neos and A330-300s for the route.

This route holds significance as a key connection between the capitals of both nations, catering to substantial business and tourism demands. Over the past two decades, approximately 8.3 million passengers have travelled between Gimpo and Haneda with Korean Air.

To mark the anniversary, celebrations took place at both Gimpo Airport and Haneda Airport on November 30. The Gimpo event, hosted by Korea Airport Corporation, featured K-pop performances, photo exhibitions, and participation from government officials, the Japanese Ambassador to Korea, and the four airlines serving the route.

At Haneda Airport, the four airlines jointly organised an event where cabin crew members showcased both their current and 20-year-old uniforms.

Currently serving 10 destinations in Japan, Korean Air plans to restore its network to 12 destinations by January next year, further strengthening its presence in the region.


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