Korean Air takes action to protect customers with peanut allergy


Korean Air has taken strong action to ensure the health and safety of passengers who are allergic to peanuts.

As a first step, the airline has replaced its honey-roasted peanut products with other snacks, such as crackers.

In addition, within the next few weeks, Korean Air will remove food containing peanut ingredients from in-flight meals.

Korean Air has made this decision after the recent incident involving two passengers who were offloaded from their KE621 flight to Manila from Incheon Airport because of a peanut allergy. The airline is determined to provide a safe environment for all passengers and prevent any similar cases in the future.

The decision to stop peanut products and peanut ingredients is the minimum safety measure for peanut-allergy passengers,” a Korean Air spokesperson said.

Peanut allergies are emerging as a critical issue in the aviation industry, and a number of major global carriers have stopped offering in-flight peanut products.


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