Joon takes off to Mahé in the Seychelles



On Saturday 5 May 2018, Joon made its first flight to Mahé in the Seychelles. The customers on this inaugural flight were able to discover the new cabin interior on Joon’s Airbus A340 with three surprising new cabins!

Joon, the new generation travel experience by Air France

In the Business cabin, sleep in a seat-bed and enjoy all the surprises. Your seat turns into a 2 metre-long seat-bed. With its bright colours, fabrics and space, the zen attitude reigns in the Business cabin and your flight will become a real time for relaxation. Thanks to the seat’s fixed shell, you enjoy a real private space: welcome to your bubble where you will be given a welcome kit and a practical and chic comfort kit. Take advantage of our onboard entertainment offer, with over 1,200 hours of programmes, on a 15.6-inch HD touchscreen with noise-reducing headphones. Enjoy a full meal with dishes created by exceptional French chefs and treat yourself to a signature cocktail concocted by the Experimental Cocktail Club* for your aperitif and prepared by your Joon crew!

* Cocktail bar in Paris, Montorgueil district

The Premium Economy cabin offers you a brand new seat with optimum comfort, with a seat recline of 133°, generous 99-centimetre legroom and a 49-centimetre wide seat. In your Premium cabin, you enjoy special attention, with a comfort kit on boarding as well as a welcome drink. At mealtimes, your starters and desserts are inspired by those offered in the Business cabin!

In the Economy cabin, you have 78 centimetres of legroom and can recline your seat to 118°. It is equipped with a latest-generation touch screen and a USB plug to charge your mobile devices during the flight. A full meal is also offered. And if you wish, you may be tempted to purchase a drink or a sweet or savoury treat from our additional inflight menu! Finally, feel free to maximize your comfort on board by choosing from our 70 seats available as a paid option, the “Plus Seat” or “Duo Seat”.

* The Plus Seats have additional legroom (34 inches) and are located at the front of the cabin so that you can disembark first. Price: 50 euros for a flight less than or equal to 9 hours and 70 euros on longer flights.
** The Duo Seats are located on each side of the cabin near the windows and will give you more privacy. Price: 30 euros.


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