Passenger arrested after trying to break into JetStar Airways Airbus A320


A passenger who booked a ticket with Australian low-cost carrier JetStar Airways arrived late at the boarding area at Melbourne International Airport, fears over missing his flight he crawled into the baggage area and into a secure zone, before running on to the tarmac and heading for the aircraft he thought he was going to miss.

The passenger then climbed the aircraft stairs and tried to open the door of the Airbus A320, two flight attendants who tried to intervene got injured while the police came in to arrest him.

The aircraft wasn’t damaged, but was delayed for about an hour and a half to replace the two injured flight attendants, the passenger has been taken into custody to face charges. Small detail: the aircraft he was trying to board wasn’t his flight to Adelaide, but another JetStar Airways flight to Sydney.

The passenger has now been banned for life on both JetStar Airways and Qantas.


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