JetSmart of Chile interested in acquiring 100% of Colombian airline Viva Air


The competition for the purchase of the Colombian airline Viva Air has just become more serious, with a new offer from the Chilean ultra-low-cost company JetSmart Airlines, with operations since 2017 in Chile, Argentina and Peru. In this way, a new rival would emerge for Avianca.

JetSmart announced its intention to enter into negotiations to acquire 100% of the shares of the Colombian airline Viva Air. The Chilean airline assured that it has the resources, capacity and experience to negotiate and close an acquisition in an agile manner.

JetSmart is part of the airline portfolio of Indigo Partners, an investment fund that controls five other airlines (among which Frontier Airlines and Wizz Air) and is recognised for its leadership in this segment of the global airline industry.

JetSmart currently operates 79 routes in seven South American countries and in Colombia, where it has been operating since the end of 2019, it flies to Bogotá, Cali and Medellín bound for Chile.

JetSmart is the fastest-growing airline in the region and has a firm order for Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft that will see it exceed 124 aircraft by 2029.

The airline has transported more than 16 million passengers, demonstrating the efficiency and sustainability of its ultra-low-cost model, knowing the market and the expectations that users have of having an efficient service at low prices.

The company says that an eventual integration between Jetsmart and Viva Air would be the option with the best conditions for the market, since the airlines do not have common routes in Colombia and both operate new fleets of Airbus A320neo.

JetSmart CEO Estuardo Ortíz says that “at JetSmart we have the experience, capabilities and resources to carry out this transaction and we hope to be able to move forward on it quickly and effectively.

Source: Valora Analytik


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