“Emergency” landing in Bilbao to let passengers go to the toilets


A plane from Gran Canaria to the UK has to make an unscheduled stopover in Bilbao so that the passengers can go to the bathroom. About 200 people were flying on the aircraft. They had to stop for about an hour.

Jet2 flight LS782 operated by Airbus A321 G-HLYB left Gran Canaria bound for the British city of Manchester but halfway through they made an unexpected stop. Fortunately, it was not because of any sick passengers nor had there been an altercation on board, but only so that the passengers could relieve themselves by putting an end to their digestive process.

The toilets of the plane suffered a breakdown and due to the long duration of the flight – more than 4 hours and a half of travel – they had to stop in the Basque Country before entering the Bay of Biscay to cross France and fly to the British city.

At first, the air traffic controllers were unaware of the reason for this stop until they were notified once the plane was on the ground.

At this stopover, all 200 passengers got off the plane, stretched their legs and went to the bathroom. The technicians were able to discharge the residual water stored in the toilets of the aircraft. Finally, after an hour of waiting, flight LS782 was able to resume its course and reach Manchester without any further problems.

Source: La Provincia, Flightradar24



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